Greenville High School PV

Greenville High School
Greenville, MI 48838
LAT/LONG: 43.1818904, -85.2706392
Greenville High School Our Story

Greenville High School has long established initiatives in recycling and conservation of natural resources that are woven throughout the curriculum and operational practices. Recognizing the importance of energy efficiency, Greenville has continuous monitoring of energy consumption and implementation of conservation practices, which have led to an approximate 20% reduction in energy use over the last three years. They are now the proud owners of a 100 kW solar PV System, as part of a city-wide effort to become the first net-zero city.
Since monitoring began 10/08/2010, this system has generated 1,089,920 kilowatt hours of clean energy.
Enough to offset...
lbs. of CO2 emissions, the main cause of global warming.
miles worth of CO2 emissions from the average American car.
Enough power for...
days of electricity usage in an average American house.
days using a 13-watt energy-efficient CFL light bulb.

Installation Profile

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Oct 8, 2010