About Energy Works Michigan


Energy Works Michigan is a nonprofit technical resource, building a sustainable, equitable, and prosperous energy future.

Energy Works was awarded a $3.5M grant by the Michigan Public Service Commission to administer the Michigan Renewable Schools Program, a 2-year project bringing energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements and education to multiple public and private K-12 schools throughout Michigan.

Energy Works is being launched by partner non-profit corporations Recycle Ann Arbor and The Ecology Center. Together, we are educating the next generation so they can fully contribute to meeting and exceeding the 2030 and 2050 carbon reduction targets.

The Renewable Energy (RE) Program works with schools to design, coordinate, and implement installations of educational solar and/or wind systems. Energy Works has coordinated more than 25 solar and/or wind installations, ranging from 2kW (kilowatt) to 100 kW systems, at public and private schools across Michigan. These systems are coordinated with tailored lesson plans, web-based monitoring, and an program display.