Detroit Community School PV

Detroit Community School
Detroit, MI 48223
LAT/LONG: 42.380502, -83.2464618
Detroit Community School Our Story

This school takes the "Reduce Reuse Recycle" philosophy further than most. The building is a former factory that was renovated with several green design features. By reusing the existing factory building, and avoiding new construction, tons of emissions and embodied energy were saved. Other green design features include generous daylight in 90% of occupied spaces, well-insulated walls and roof, energy efficient lighting upgrades, and use of reclaimed gym lockers from the University of Michigan in the school locker rooms. On the school grounds, you will also find a community garden.
Since monitoring began 10/28/2010, this system has generated 16,776 kilowatt hours of clean energy.
Enough to offset...
lbs. of CO2 emissions, the main cause of global warming.
miles worth of CO2 emissions from the average American car.
Enough power for...
days of electricity usage in an average American house.
days using a 13-watt energy-efficient CFL light bulb.

Installation Profile

Array Azimuth
Array Tilt
Kilowatts (DC)
OCT 28
Oct 28, 2010

Hardware Assets

Module Type Module Wdc Quantity Total Capacity (kW DC)
Renewable Energy Corporation 225 225 10 2.250
Inverter Type Inverter Wac Quantity Total Capacity (kW AC)
SMA America Sunny Boy 3000 3000 1 3.000